We design, we teach, we film. 
We do what we love.  



Action House Production is a Full Service Media agency, specializing in film and motion graphics, graphic design and media classes.
We work as an international creative collective with main locations in Los Angeles, California and Heidelberg, Germany.




We produce your Image Films, cover conferences, or create short ads for internet marketing or TV broadcast. We also offer personal films such as wedding videos or music videos. Our motion graphic designers create credits and animations if needed.


Print, online media, flyers, business cards. Web site strategies and development.


Direct your own movie. Design, layout and print your own magazine. Learn photo and film editing skills in our IT and film production classes

Next date: July 19 & 20
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We also enjoy working in two particular niches: permaculture and fashion. Two fields that couldn't be farther from each other? Not for us. We like to work in these areas to emphasize sustainability in fashion and to make all things related to permaculture in media more attractive for the modern world. 

Check out some of our recent work.