A promo video for the popular Action House Film Class.
Direction / edits: 
Afghan Chilli

A21 Campaign // Partners with the Walk For Freedom Heidelberg Organisation. Camera and editing

Action House Film Class // Logo animation and preliminary task

LichtWesen AG // Conference Coverage

Concrete Living Show (HD / LA) // Production of the web series  "Concrete Living - An Approach to Urban Permaculture."

permaculture voices conference // Production DVD Series for Permaculture Voices

Die Lokalgruppe Heidelberg der Micha Initiative Deutschland https://www.facebook.com/MichaLokalgruppeHeidelberg

Vision Statement Mosaik HD // Film, animation, editing.

Fashion Shoot Mailbu // Model: Emily B. Video and editing: Julia Sentman

halle02 - Alternativer Fruehling // Video montage and fashion photography.

anstatt blumen // Production of crowdfunding video

Stijlinstituut (Amsterdam) // Trend Research Agency > Creative Direction and Editing for the montage film BEING for TrendForum Heimtextil

action house #nähwerkstatt // Model: Debo